J2000 Jiffy Garment Steamer Review: The Perfect Replacement for Your Iron

j2000-jiffy-garment-steamerA steamer is a tool that can handle a wide variety of jobs around the home and they aren’t just for the pros anymore. This model has received a lot of consumer praise for its size and versatility, although the overall design may need some tweaking in order to be more accommodating to consumers in smaller homes.

The J200 garment steamer by Jiffy offers impressive water capacity for extended use and contains a ninety-six ounce water reservoir. The innovative no drip valve system works well to contain water and prevent messes. This model comes with a five and a half foot flexible hose and plastic handle and plastic steam head.

This versatile model can do so much more than take the wrinkles out of your clothing. In fact, you can use it on curtains, area rugs, throw rugs, couches, stairs and more.

This all in one machine works so well it will easily take the place of your iron as your go-to machine when you want your clothing to look its best.

J2000 Jiffy Specs and Features

This model is also equipped with automatic shut-off if the machine runs dry. There are a variety of optional attachments for the steam head, which are sold separately, but the plastic model is the most affordable option and comes with the initial package.

The steamer is easy to use, just touch the steam head lightly to material. It works well, even on lighter and delicate fabrics. Weighing in at just eighteen pounds, this model glides easily thanks to the added casters. The hose must be kept in an upright position in order to promote correct drainage, allowing the condensation to flow back into the steamer.

If you hate steaming or ironing you clothing, but prefer the wrinkle-free look, this model is powerful enough to handle it all. The 1300 watt solid brass heating element promotes faster steaming, featuring a start-up time just under two minutes. The sixty-four inch pole allows you to steam long apparel and drapery.

This impressive capacity of the water reservoir beats out the competition, whose capacity typically averages around sixty ounces. This type of superior water capacity makes it significantly more convenient for consumers who no longer have to constantly refill the steamer during use. With a water reservoir this size, you can look forward to an hour and a half of seamless use.

Powered with 1300 watts, the user will only need to start this model up a couple of minutes ahead of time before it’s fully operational.

While some argue that the start-up time isn’t a very attractive feature for this model, the huge water tank definitely is.

Compared to many steamers in this price range, its steam output is pretty outstanding, even if its power consumption is relatively low.

Garment Steamer Pros and Cons

Pros: According to consumers, the biggest selling point of this model is its impressive durability. The steamer is encased in heavy-duty polymer plastic and uses a thick rubber hose and high-quality wooden handles. On the base of the machine you’ll also find solid plates with rubber rings and casters. Upon purchase consumers can choose between the plastic steam head or a metal one. The metal model is around fifty dollars more. While slightly more expensive, users found that the metal head model was more effective in producing crisp creases, compared to the plastic steam head model. The metal head can also act like an iron on contact with clothing and is more durable.

The steamer’s sixty-four inch pole is also what makes this model one of the more popular steamers on the market.

The ergonomic handle design promotes comfort and flexibility as you steam. The grooves in the handle provide a firmer grip. Located on the bottom of the steamer, the attached wheels make it easier to maneuver. Relatively quiet-running, you can use this steamer anywhere at any time. This model features a three year product warranty for rugged use and sustainability. The protracted length of the hose makes steaming your household items such as rugs, drapes and furniture much easier. The steamer’s ability to run for over an hour and a half without needing a refill is a big selling point especially for pros who need a reliable steamer to use on the job.

Cons: One user stated that when used for more than an hour the steam head becomes alarmingly hot and can cause minor burns. However, many have found that while the steam head does tend to run hot during prolonged use it’s still manageable if you use the correct technique. Many users recommended wearing anti-steam gloves if you plan on steaming for longer than twenty to thirty minutes. These gloves are sold separately. While the length of the steamer pole is a big selling point for some, other users found that the length made it difficult to store because it doesn’t fit easily into closets or other tight spaces. The attached casters help you to maneuver the machine during operation, but some consumers also felt that it made the steamer more prone to tugging when in use and caused the machine to roll around slightly on its own if the hose is not placed on even ground. Also, the weight of the model made it cumbersome for some users to move around. The fact that this machine can scald the skin after it runs for more than half is an hour was alarming to some users. This steamer is in desperate need of an adjustable telescopic wand, which would make storing this large and awkward model so much easier.

Our Conclusion and Rating for the Jiffy Garment Steamer

To summarise our J2000 Jiffy Garment Steamer Review, most consumers who purchased this model were satisfied, stating that it took the place of their conventional iron and solved their steaming and ironing issues. Additionally, many users were fine with paying more for the model with the metal steam head. With the addition of an adjustable wand, this model would have received a higher score, as it is, a lack of one makes this steamer difficult to store and transport. Consumers who used this steamer gave it a rating of four out of five stars for the large reservoir, automatic shut off safety feature, rolling casters and overall design.

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