Rowenta IS6300 Master Valet Garment Steamer Review

The Master Valet IS6300 garment steamer by Rowenta feautes a breakthrough in functionality and design, thanks to its patented roll and press features and the added convenience it can bring any household.

This model was designed with storage in mind. The integrated hanger clips and compact design help to improve the machine’s overall efficiency.

Specs and Features of the Master Valet

rowenta-is6300-master-valet-garment-steamerThis model is steamer ready in just sixty seconds. The large eighty-one ounce water tank allows you to steam for an entire hour, making this the perfect machine for larger jobs such as upholstery or drape cleaning. A unit that utilizes 1550 watts of power, it’s able to produce a large powerful jet of steam.

The foot operated power switch provides increased convenience and accessibility. The auto off safety feature shuts the machine off should the tank run dry. For more convenient steaming, the included garment clips hold clothing in place for a faster, easier process.

The large water tank is also transparent, giving the user a clear view of the water level, which will make it easy for you to notice when the tank is running low. The average sized water tank is around sixty ounces, so this impressive capacity is very appealing for individuals who enjoy using their steamer for bigger jobs around their home or in a professional capacity.

As with most models of steamers, the manufacturer recommends using distilled water only. This will help to reduce calcium build-up, which can negatively affect the steamer’s performance and cause clogs in the hose. That being said, many consumers still use hard water or even regular tap water and clean their steamer out using two tablespoons of baking soda and four cups of warm water after every two to three uses.

Due to its large water capacity, this model is able to steam continuously for an hour. If you’re looking for a steamer that’s able to steam a large amount of garments in a single sitting and one that can be easily stored, then this model is for you.

This machine is designed to remove deep creases from all types of materials, with the exception of dry clean only clothing. It can also handle lint, debris and pet hair like a pro.

To use, fill the tank to the recommended level, use the foot power switch to turn the machine on and wait for the power indicator light to turn on, which it tends to do in less than a minute.

Because this steamer has a powerful steam output, it’s inevitable that the steam head will run hot. Some consumers felt that the plastic steam head gets quite hot, but not hot enough to cause scalding.

Master Valet Garment SteamerThis model also comes with a unique feature called roll and press vertical support, which is a feature previous Rowenta models have never had. It’s easy to set up and store. The support works much like a window blind. The user will simply pull it down and attach it to the hook. This surface works like an ironing board by providing a safe surface for you to steam your clothing, making it easier to remove creases and wrinkles.  It also eliminates the need to drag out a cumbersome ironing board.

If you have ever owned an upright steamer, then you know it can be difficult to steam clothes as they swing back and forth. But the unique roll and press feature makes it easier to quickly steam all your garments in just half the time. On top of that, it also frees up one of your hands and makes the overall process more efficient.

While this new feature can work to eliminate the need to use both of your hands while you’re steaming, in some cases where the wrinkles are extremely stubborn, you may still need to use both hands to pull the fabric out in order to get rid of the wrinkles completely.

The braided power cord measures in at nine feet, which is about the same as other steamers of this size. Unfortunately, the cord is not retractable, however, you can wrap it around one side of the steamer’s base for easier storage.

This steamer comes with three accessories: the fabric brush, delicate steam cap and lint pad. The fabric brush can be used to open the weaves of fabric, which in turn promotes better steam penetration. The steam cap is designed to provide even distribution of steam and helps to filter out impurities. The lint pad is very effective in removing lint, debris and pet hair from clothing.

Rowenta IS6300 Pros and Cons

Rowenta IS6300Pros: Weighing in at just eight pounds, this machine is easy to tote around the home or transport. Assembly is simple and takes only a few minutes. The compact design makes the steamer easy to store. The included hanger and clips make steaming clothing easier, even hard to reach areas. The roll and press feature also allows you to steam your clothes faster and easier. The overall efficiency and convenience of this machine makes steaming drapes, rugs, upholstery and clothing a breeze. The telescopic adjustable pole features a built-in hanger with integrated clothing clips for easier use.

Cons: Some users complained that the handle can run a little hot after using the steamer for more than half an hour. This model may also be too short for taller users. The length of the hose is average, compared to other models of steamers and it can be tough steaming the tops of drapes.  Some users felt that the garment hanger was too flimsy and for some it was difficult to clip on heavier garments. The height of this model is only about five feet tall, which can make steaming long apparel kind of tricky.

Master Valet Garment Steamer Review Conclusion and Rating

To conclude our Rowenta IS6300 Master Valet Garment Steamer Review consumers who purchased this steamer gave it a perfect five out of five star rating for the large water reservoir, the roll and press feature and included accessories. Perfect for any job around the home big or small, consumers would highly recommend this steamer for novices and pros alike.

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