Sunbeam S1500 Garment Steamer Review: A Heavy Duty Steamer for Everyday Use

Sunbeam s1500 garment steamerUsing a steamer allows you to press your clothes right on the hanger, without dragging out an ironing board. This Sunbeam model promises more versatility than what you’ll get from other models in this price range. You can truly make the most of this appliance and use it to de-wrinkle or freshen clothing, drapes and furniture around the home.

Textiles or fabrics that can’t take moisture shouldn’t be steamed, which is why it’s important to check all of your labels prior to using this steamer. If your clothing is labeled as dry clean only, using this steamer could leave behind moisture spots or damage the fabric. Always use caution when steaming, especially when you’re using this machine on colored clothing. Always do a patch test on a small area inside the seam. .

Taking out wrinkles from clothing, upholstery and curtains can be a breeze when you use the S1500 by Sunbeam. This is a handy tool that can keep your clothing and drapery wrinkle free and it heats up in just forty-five seconds. The model’s patented cool touch hose never heats up and is safe to use even without anti-steam gloves. A very versatile tool to have in your cleaning arsenal, this garment steamer can keep your clothing and your home looking great.

This is a smaller model that’s not really recommended for every day heavy use. While it does power up quickly and steams well, it’s simply too small to handle more challenging jobs around the home.

Sunbeam S1500’s Specs and Features

Not only can you use this model to steam your clothes, but you can also use it on your bedding including comforters, heavy quilts, and pillows. Many users also recommend using it to freshen up mattresses.

To use, all you need to do is hang your clothing on the included hanger and extend the telescopic pole. The pole has a length ranging from thirty-six to fifty inches. For use on upholstery or drapes the casters located on the bottom of the steamer and the ultra-flexible hose provide impressive portability. You can also use the optional fabric brush attachment to remove pet hair, lint and debris as you steam. This model emits a powerful 1500 watts of steam and the machine can get hot enough to effectively eliminate lingering odors as it sanitizes, providing great dry-cleaning quality clothing with each and every use.

You can keep your rugs, drapes and carpet looking new by using this model to steam freshen your furniture two to three times a month. This model is perfect for even the most stubborn wrinkles and can easily remove creases, eliminate odors and remove pet hair and dander.

The user’s manual is well written and easy to follow. In order to keep your steamer in optimal working order you’ll need to clean it out by using a vinegar and water mixture after every few uses, especially if you use tap water when steaming.

Pros and Cons of the Garment Steamer

Pros: Many consumers reported that this model heated up in about ten seconds, which is pretty impressive. The included suit hanger can be used for any type of jacket or shirt and the adjustable clips will allow you to hang pants, shorts and skirts while you steam. The variety of head attachments give this model the versatility it needs to stand out from the competition. The telescopic pole makes this steamer easier to store. The water reservoir is pretty easy to change out and fill. This machine puts out a good amount of steam and powers up almost instantly, thanks to the powerful motor.

Cons: There were several complaints regarding the length of the pole. Many users felt that it was too short, which is a common complaint for many models of home steamers on the market. The user’s manual instructs consumers to clean out their steamer periodically using a mixture of vinegar and water, however, there were several unsatisfied consumers who reported that doing so will leave your clothing or drapery smelling like vinegar, even when fully dry. Instead, many users recommend using a mild mixture of bleach and warm water and allowing the steamer to run for about five minutes. While the manufacturer claims that the hose on this model doesn’t get hot enough to scald the skin, many users beg to differ. We recommend investing in a temperature glove and wearing it each time you steam, regardless of how long you’ll be using the machine. Many users reported mild burns after steaming for only a few minutes. While some consumers loved the included steamer hanger, others found it to be more of a hassle than what it’s worth. One consumer stated that they spent more time trying to hang clothing on the hanger than they did steaming. Another user mentioned that the steamer does not work well to remove deep wrinkles from the top part of the pants, however, it worked well on the leg portion. For some, the big downside of this model is the size of the water reservoir, which is only able to hold one cup of water. While this quantity works well for steaming an outfit, it’s kind of a hassle to keep stopping to refill if you have a bunch of clothes or drapery to steam.

S1500 Conclusion and Rating

To sum up our Sunbeam S1500 Garment Steamer Review, sure, it’s smaller and more portable than other top selling models in this class, but not everyone needs an industrial strength steamer.

A powerful and dependable model, you’ll love how versatile this steamer is and how well it works on different fabrics all around the home. Consumers who purchased this model gave it a rating of four out of five stars for the fast start-up time, included attachments and pricing.

While not a steamer that’s recommended for the pros or even for heavier use, it’s the perfect machine for travel or when you need to steam one outfit at a time. It can also be used for other surfaces in the home, however, due to the smaller sized reservoir, the constant need to refill the water tank may not be worth the extra hassle.

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